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Introducing the Xitrix Rewards Program
What is the Xitrix Rewards Program all about?
The Xitrix Rewards Program is a spending rewards program that provides Xitrix customers with the opportunity to earn points when they purchase Xitrix branded computer products. When used at the program, customers earn 1 point for every P1,000 spend respectively.

What are the participating Products
Xitrix branded computer products

Do I need to pay anything to participate in the rewards program?
There is absolutely no cost to participating in the program. All you need to do is simply purchase Xitrix products. Please make sure you inform your sales rep to ensure that we capture the transaction in our system and award you with your bonus points instantly.

How do I know how much Bonus Points I earned in the previous month?
You can refer to the Bonus Points summary in your Account online. You will see in your summary the total number of  Points you earned for that particular period.

Can I participate in the Rewards program buying third party products like printers?
No. The Rewards program is an exclusive benefit reserved for customers who purchase Xitrix branded computer products.


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